About VCWD

What is Water District?

A water district is a local corporate entity that operates and maintains a water supply system. It is established on a local option basis and is classified as a government owned and controlled corporation or GOCC, performing public service and supplying a public need.

It is led by a five-man board of directors through a general manager.

Sangguniang Bayan Resolution No.80-61 created the Valencia Water District (VWD) on August 1, 1980 operating initially as a small water district. Its Conditional Certificate of Conformance No. 141 was obtained from the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) on October 24, 1980.

CATEGORY B (Pursuant to Executive Order No. 65, Prescribing Rules to Govern the Compensation of Members of the Board of Directors of Local Water Districts). Issued by the President on 2 January 2012, which took effect on 14 March 2012 based on the criteria specified in the Revised Local Water District Manual on Categorization, Recategorization and Other Related Matters (LWD-MaCRO).