As we are geared to face and accomplish the strategic priorities for 2022, the VCWD is driven by its Road Map – SMART – which stands for SAFE SPACE, MEASURABLE OUTPUT, AGILE MINDSET, REBUILDING, and TECHNOLOGY-DRIVEN.

In response to the demands of the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) world, the VCWD commits to be disaster and pandemic-proof by responding positively and accurately to the changing and uncertain times, while at the same time, smartly and rapidly adapting to the digital age by innovating and maximizing technologies to address problems and improve services to VCWD customers.

“People are afraid of change. But change is not what they should fear. What they should fear is being in the same place tomorrow as they are today and as they were the day before that.”-Teal Swan

(Photos taken during the VCWD General Assembly on December 22, 2021)