This day marks the 41st founding anniversary of the Valencia City Water District. Founded in 1980, the agency only had 2 intake spring boxes and 275 unmetered service connections.

In more than four decades, the agency, through the past and present management, successfully undertook huge developments in the form of project implementations on the expansion of water service coverage areas, improvement on transmission and distribution lines, proactive approach to the perennial problem of water supply, among others. In its 41st year, through the challenges and adversities brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, the VCWD workforce is even more determined in delivering adequate, safe, and potable water to the now 24,000 VCWD service connections in the populace of Valencia.

Through the culture of resilience and adaptability cultivated in the hearts of every VCWD employees, the agency, as always, is ready as it navigates into serving the public more efficiently – the new normal way. Happy 41st founding anniversary, VCWD!