VCWD joins the celebration of the World Water Day 2021 with the theme “Pagpapahalaga ng Tubig”

Celebrate with us by joining our Spoken Word Poetry Contest and win the following prizes:

1st Prize P3,000.00 Cash + Power Bank + Certificate of Recognition2nd Prize P2,000.00 Cash + Flash Drive (USB) + Certificate of Recognition3rd Prize P1,000.00 Cash + Portable Study Table Token+ Certificate of RecognitionConsolation Prize P300 Worth of Pre-paid Load + Certificate of Recognition


  1. The contest is open to all high school (secondary) students both from public and private schools within the service areas of VCWD
  2. The spoken word poetry must be an original composition and should be written in either Tagalog or Cebuano;
  3. The theme of the spoken word poetry is “Pagpapahalaga ng Tubig;”
  4. The piece must be related to the theme and must not contain any malicious and offensive content;
  5. Each contestant is given a maximum of two (2) minutes to recite or deliver his/her piece. There shall be points deduction beyond the allotted maximum time;
  6. Sounds, instrumental or musical background is allowed to complement the delivery. No deduction shall be made if the contestant opts not to have musical background; and
  7. The spoken word poetry should be clearly recorded and posted at the ValenciaCity WaterDistrict Facebook page. Deadline of submission will be on March 18, 2021 (until 12 midnight) Criteria A. Message/Content – 30%
  8. The content of the spoken piece is relevant and related to the theme and the piece has a powerful and meaningful message to the audienceB. Delivery and Performance – 30% 1. The spoken piece as delivered from the heart. 2. Connection to the audience was established from the start. 3. Facial expression, hand and body gestures emphasized the different elements of the performance. 4. Eye contact pulled the audience to the message of the spoken words. 5. Audience’s attention and interest were captured and sustained throughout the delivery. 6. Enunciation is clear. Audience can understand what is being spoken. 7. Words are pronounced distinctly and correctly. Does not stutter nor stammer.C. Originality – 20% 1. The piece must be an original composition by the contestant.D. Audience Engagement – 10% 1. This will be based on the number of likes and reactions on the contestant’s video.E. Overall Impact – 10% 1. The physical presence, voice and articulation, dramatic appropriateness, and evidence of understanding all seem target and unified to breathe life into the piece.Submit your entries now!